Spring may technically have come to Oregon, March 21st has come and gone, but it is 50 and raining.  Going home tomorrow is not going to be easy and I’ve been whining all day.  Samer has been kind enough to humour me by listening to me whine and complain about not wanting to leave the sun.  It’s 60 some and sunny, not a cloud in the sky, a breeze to rustle the palm leaves.  I wonder if it was like this every day if I would appreciate it as much as I do at this moment.  I feel very fortunate for it to have been so nice during my stay.  Even if yesterday I did feel a bit like Mary Poppins without an umbrella.  It was sunny but very windy.  If I had an umbrella I think I would have blown away.

Although I do want to sleep in my own bed with my cat and boyfriend I will miss the sun.  While I know it is coming to Oregon it still seems as though we are wrapped in the arms of late winter.

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