I Am So Over This

I am so over hearing about Rev. Jeremiah Wright. My most cynical side says the reason for this circus is because Barack Obama is black. And Rev. Jeremiah Wright is being used as a tool, being shown as a “Scary Black Man” that nice white people need to be afraid of and shocked by. No one in the main stream media is talking about how John McCain actively sought out the support of Rev. John Hagee. No one in the main stream media is talking about or showing videos (youtube has plenty of videos to choose from) of all the racist/anti-Semitic/anti-Catholic/homophobic (he has talked openly about how God caused Hurricane Katrina because New Orleans was going to have a gay pride parade) things this man has had to say. No one in the main stream media is talking about the violence he openly advocates. The MSM is not talking about how he encourages Christians to move to Israel with the intention of causing more strife between the Israelis and Palestinians to bring about Armageddon and that all the Jews who do not convert to Christianity will be damned to Hell when Jesus returns.

No one is talking about the propaganda campaign run out of the DoD. The DoD under the leadership of Donald Rumsfeld pimped out retired generals to the press to tow the DoD line about the War in Iraq. Both the run up to and the aftermath of. I read the NY Times article. It seems to me that these generals went along with this (they did not disclose to the media their role as a mouthpiece of the DoD) because military contracts for the war depended on it. They went along with this propaganda campaign, some of them knowing what they were saying was not true, (according to the NY Times article at least one of the generals knew the WMD intelligence was shoddy but said the opposite when interviewed) because of money. BECAUSE OF MONEY.

Over 4000 kids have died. Over 4000 mothers have lost children, wives have lost husbands, husbands have lost wives, children have lost parents, brothers and sisters have been lost. Over 20,000 soldiers have been wounded. Many of these injuries are very severe. Many of these injuries involve loss of limb or brain damage. I dont know how many thousands of soldiers are coming home mentally ill because of the stress of war. Because they are being sent for 3rd, 4th, or 5th tours with little break in-between. These soldiers are human beings. They live, they breathe, they have hopes and dreams for their future, they laugh, and they cry. They want and wish. They love, they are lonely and ache for those who love them. These soldiers are parents who are missing the priceless opportunity of watching their children be born, take first steps, hear first words, see their son or daughter off on a first date. These soldiers are human beings not toys to be discarded. Our military is stretched thin enough as it is. Where are we going to get new toys to replace the broken ones?

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