I said this blog would contain knitting content right? Well, yesterday was not my day. I tried to make rhubarb strawberry crisp but the crisp part turned out really soggy. The recipe called for too much butter and I ended up with a butter pool in one corner of my 8×8 pan. I dropped all the food I brought over to my boyfriends for dinner. And I did this

One of the receptionists at work is moving to Alaska. I thought I have some extra yarn and I’ve knitted one glove so why not just knit the other. Um . . . yeah. As you can see one is much longer than the other and the one on top has a slightly different pattern. I felt like such a dope. This all could have been avoided if I had bothered to look at the glove I had already knitted to see what I had to do. But nope. Didnt happen. So, I have started over and knitted almost an entire glove yesterday. All but the thumb. With all luck and if the knitting gods are smiling on me I might finish it, the mate, and the second sock for my Mom’s birthday before the week is out. Keep your fingers crossed for me and please ask the knitting gods to smile kindly on me this week.

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