Yea! Progress


Yes, I know it doesnt look like much but this is going to be one of my thigh-high lace stockings. So far, it’s probably the most challenging thing I’ve tried to knit. I’ve started over several times and there have been times when I’ve wanted to throw them across the room. Donovan (aka Yarn Yoda) made a pair for her daughter for Christmas and when I saw them I knew I wanted to knit them. We measured my legs, took gauge, she wrote a pattern map, and today here I am. I am beginning to see what is going on with the pattern, how decreases are coming together, and am finally learning in my old age to count to 7. As challenging as they have been when Donovan suggested I could knit them in plain ribbing I refused. This is a learning experience and what will I learn if I knit them in plain ribbing? Nothing. I’m not saying that they wont cause me future frustration but today, I am happy to know that I am finally gaining an understanding of what is going on and for all the frustration I have had and may have in the future I know when they are finished I will be quite proud to wear them.

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