Holy Crowds of People Batman!

I went to see Obama today and what can I say other than “Jesus Fucking Christ” (sorry for the language) the crowd was estimated at 75,000 people.  Seventy-five-thousand-people!  Obama did have a good speech.  He talked about the “gas-tax holiday” proposed by John McCain, that it will not lower prices at the pump and will empty the National Highway Fund.  He talked about National Security, and George Bush speaking in front of the Knesset on the 60th anniversary of the founding of Israel calling anyone who wants to talk to our “enemies” as appeasers, likening them to Neville Chamberlain with Nazi Germany. . .

I am not as starry eyed as some people who see their candidate speak.  I know politicians make promises to complete certain tasks in their first term they either have no intention of completing or simply do not have the ability to complete.  As much as I would like to see universal healthcare completed in Obama’s first term the reality is that it is probably not going to happen.  I would say the same for Hillary were she the nominee. The difference lies in my perception that Obama is not merely pandering.   That he actually does believe in what he says.  And when he says things like this campaign is not about him but about all of us as Americans I do put weight behind that.  That is something politicians do not normally say.  Nor do they even hint at or admit to making mistakes or even *gasp* state that mistakes will be made in their term as President.  He proposes a rational foreign policy where we talk to leaders of countries who do not agree with us.  Much as Reagan did with the former Soviet Union in the 1980’s, or Nixon with Mao, those are two examples.  He talks to the American people as people, as rational, thinking, human beings.  And for all the big promises, I do believe he believes in what he says and his vision of what America could be if we can come together and work for it together.  What was it Micheal Moore said in “Sicko”  “It’s about the we, not about the me” or something like that.  It’s time Americans woke up and realized this is how the world works and this is how we will make our country rise out of the cluster fuck it is now in.  That as we raise those amongst us who have the least, we will all rise in this nation.  Basically, in my eyes, it boils down to our government viewing America as less selfish.  Americans in general (and yes I know all generalizations are lies) tend to be generous people.  And as a domestic and foreign policy, less selfishness would be a refreshing change.

(Sorry if this is a little less than concise.  After being around that many people I really needed some beer.  I dont particularly like large crowds although I am glad I made myself go)

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