Conducting and Experiment

I am going to try to grow tomatoes.  Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed because I have not always had the best luck with plants.  I bought two starters from the farmers market in Sellwood  and talked to the farmer.  A Black Krim

And a Giant Italian.  It was hard to find pictures of this tomato.  I did find this one but am not too fond of it

They are both (I think) heirloom tomatoes and both varieties are quite large.  I’ll be off a little later today to pick up some soil and organic fertilizer from Everybody’s Garden Center (yes organic.  Do any of you dear readers think I would do anything different?)  Tomatoes are one of my favourite vegetables (or fruits) because they are so versatile.  I guess that means I get to learn how to can later this summer.  If any of the 5 of you who read my blog have any suggestions about canning please let me know.  It’ll be nice to have my own tomatoes in the winter.  Tomato sauce, chunked up tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, etc.  I just hope I am able to keep them alive long enough fruit and harvest, if so I’ll have more tomatoes than I can eat.

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One Response to Conducting and Experiment

  1. Louisa O'Brien says:

    I dont know if you have a freezer, but I’ve discovered that you can freeze tomatoes with no trouble. You just wash them and cut out the stem part then put them on a tray in the freezer (so they don’t mush up into each other), then when they are frozen, the next day, put them in freezer bags in the normal way.
    When you take them out of the freezer to use and run water over them, the skin comes straight off – magic!
    I’ve grown some Black Krim this summer and had my first taste yesterday – they are magnificent! I’m so pleased, so different from the solid, tasteless tomatoes we find in the supermarkets these days.
    Hope this helps,
    Louisa (Greece)

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