Two Completely Different Things

While I was in San Francisco I visited ImagiKnit.  I cannot say how nice the ladies and gay boy who work there are and they carried a brand of yarn I’ve been wanting to pick up.  It’s Manos Del Uruguay.

I did not buy a silk blend but wool, plain green, beautiful, soft, kettle dyed wool which I am using to make this hat

The yarn is so soft and the colour is really beautiful.  Manos is a run by a womens collective (it got started in the 60’s, the yarn preserves traditional techniques of kettle dying and with 17 collectives helps a lot of women make a living with dignity and respect.  While it is a little on the spendy side (you’re not going to get 220 yards for 7$ like you can with Cascade 220) the quality is worth it (and knowing my money is going to a worthwhile cause) it is worth it.  I know I’m supposed to be making socks for my Dad for Fathers Day (I have started them, more than just cast on) it’s nice to have something for myself since it’ll be a while before I can get back to my stockings and I have a lot to knit for others in the next couple of months.  Knitting with Manos is a very tactile experience.  It feels so soft and smooth between my fingers.  And it is the first yarn I drooled over while looking at photos on the Internet.

Part 2: Politics and Hillary Clinton

So the Rules and Bylaws committee ruled today to half Florida’s delegates and split Michigan 69/59 Clinton/Obama.  Of course the Hillary camp is not very happy with these results.  Her campaign wanted all the delegates from both states seated with the votes just the way they were.  Even though Barack Obama’s name was not on the Michigan ballot the Clinton campaign argued she should get her 60% and he should get nothing.  (FYI: Hillary got 60% of the vote but was the only person on the ballot, neither candidate campaigned there, and 40% of the people who voted did so as “Uncommitted”)  Michigan and Florida were stripped of their delegates for moving their primaries before Super Tuesday, Feb 5th.  Both campaigns agreed their delegates and votes would not count.  Now that that is not convenient for Hillary Clinton both she and her supporters are crying “FOUL!”

I wish I had words for how asinine this is.  Now that the rules are not working for her she cries “It’s not fair! It’s a big media conspiracy against me that is making me loose!”  Unfortunately for her loyalty was too important to fire Mark Penn after Iowa and her campaign has been very poorly run.  Yes, I will admit there was sexism in the media towards Hillary Clinton just as there has been racism toward Barack Obama.  To see the latter all you have to do is look at the coverage of Rev. Wright which the Clinton campaign fanned.  But I digress.  Harold Ickes has stated that Hillary Clinton reserves the right to appeal to the Credentials Committee which meets the first day of the Democratic Convention in August.

This cannot go to the Convention in Denver.  The Democratic Party is already split and if the Party remains divided until August because Hillary Clinton thinks she can manipulate a victory there, our chances in November are looking very dim.  I do agree with Rachel Maddow, in that Hillary Clinton is going to take this all the way to the Convention.  She has been very clear over the last several months that this is what she is willing to do.  She is not dropping out and does not seem to care about the general election in November against John McCain (cough* 4 more years of Bush* cough).  She only cares about gaining the nomination and while I am a woman and believe it is more than past time for a woman President, it is not time for her.  But she seems to think because she is a Clinton that it is her turn and she deserves to be the nominee just because she is a Clinton.  She is a woman I have had much respect and admiration for and it is so sad to see her so willingly give up her own dignity.  If she does (which I think in all likelihood she will) take this up to the Credentials Committee the Democrats have a very good chance of loosing in November.  While Nancy Pelosi did say that if this does go to the Credentials Committee that they will meet at the end of June it is just not good for the party to have it go that far.  I only wish Hillary Clinton would see that.

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