More Plants

I bought some more plants today from the farmers market.  Basil, oregano, lavender, and zinnias because zinnias are happy flowers.  Next time I go I might get a morning glory starter because morning glories are happy flowers too.  My apartment complex is laid out like a U.  There are 4 studios on the east side, 4 studios on the west side, a separate one bedroom and a courtyard in the middle.  Everyone on the east side has plants.  One of my neighbours has a wonderful collection: azaleas, hens and chickens, hops, honeysuckle, jade, a maple tree, a noble fir, grass, iris’, etc.  No one on the west side has any plants so I’m representing for my side.  I dont have any intention of doing much with the lavender.  It’s just one of my favourite smells and has pretty flowers.  The tomatoes are starting to take off and the cages are in.  The next few days are supposed to be sunny and 70ish so they should really shoot up.  Yea!  They are even starting to get flowers.  This is very exciting.  I’m a bit lame so it’s exciting for me.  Several of my neighbours on the west side are growing tomatoes as well so it’ll be overflowing here in Sellwood.  Maybe we could have our own version of La Tomatina.  Seriously, doesnt this look like fun?

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