Knitting Sigh

When I was in San Francisco I went to ImagKnit

It was lovely. Lots of yarn and I bought some yarn to make myself a new hat (some lovely, soft Manos my new favourite yarn) and another soft yarn with a nice sheen that looks like it would take cables well to make a new pair of fingerless gloves. It’s Oregon. You can wear them in the mornings for a good part of the year and if you bicycle then it’s longer. I havent had the time to knit with them. Well, except for the hat that didnt turn out. Since I finished my sweater in early April I’ve made a pair of socks, fingerless gloves, a hat, finished a hat, knit nearly another pair of socks with another pair on the needles. There are birthday’s coming up and my parents are going to ride their motorcycles from Clinton, IA all the way to Glacier National Park in Montana. 1500 miles in 5 days and even though they are going in August there is a good possibility it will be cool there in the mornings. So they get fingerless gloves, socks, and Mom gets the hat I want to make. Oh, and another pair of socks as a request.


It would be nice to be able to make something for myself before the Christmas knitting starts. Ugh. I dont want to think about it

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