is astonishing. This was taken in Orchard, Iowa the other day. Orchard, Iowa is in northern Iowa near the MN border. Apparently it did not touch down and went back up into the clouds. I’ve never seen a tornado up close but have always wanted to. It sounds crazy but tornado’s one of the most powerful things in nature and there is beauty in it. These clouds are so well defined, you can really see the cyclonic motion. I’ve never seen anything like it. Another tornado touched down in Rock Island, IL which is the next town over from Moline where my brother lives. There have been big thunderstorms all week from what I gather. Parts of Eastern Iowa are flooded. In Cedar Rapids 400 city blocks are underwater. I-80 is closed between Iowa City and Davenport.

Parts of Waterloo are under mandatory evacuation and the first floor of the apartment building I used to live in is under water. That is a lot of water.

It is the one thing I miss though about living in Iowa. The storms. I know and work with some people from the Midwest and they miss the storms. It pulls at my heart today to think about it. I remember so many and so many smells. My favourite was fresh mown grass mixed with a coming thunderstorm. I miss watching the clouds come in, always so slowly then they were right on top of you. The sound of thunder so intense it rattles the windows and your rib cage along with lightning close enough to make the hair on your neck and arms tingle. I miss watching lightning’s brilliant white flashes. The breeze when the storm was approaching. My ex-husband and I would turn out the lights if the storm was at night and watch the lightning.

It’s the only thing that makes me want to go back in the summer. The possibility of experiencing a strong storm, the kind that makes the streetlights come on at 3 PM. During one storm I will never forget lightning struck a dead tree in the yard across the alley and it exploded.

I miss the storms today.

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