I know I’ve been ignoring politics for a while and there is so much going on.  Check out McClatchy because all week they have a series of investigative reports about torture at Gitmo, Bagram, and Abu Grhaib.  How the orders for torture came from the top not from commanders on the ground.  How David Addington and others in the Administration used twisted legal logic and arguments to justify torturing people.  Some of our soldiers undergo special training to resist torture in case they are captured.  David Addington and others twisted the use of this to make it legal to apply these tactics to prisoners.

Today, today I’m excited because my yarn from is coming.  I’m almost finished with one of Jim’s socks.  It’s amazing how fast Cascade Superwash knits up into socks.  It means I get to start a birthday gift that is not socks but a lovely cabled scarf and a hat.  Cables are my favourite thing to knit with fair-isle running a close second.  Hopefully the Manos comes soon.  It’s being shipped all the way from Uruguay so it may not come till next week.

Webs (or is wonderful.  I got 60$ish worth of yarn for about 40$ with shipping, they shipped it right away and their customer service is very nice.

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