Random Tuesday

I started taking belly dancing just about a month ago.  Last night I had my 4th (?) class.  It’s interesting to watch the body move and to feel the emotions that come up with the movement.  The girl teaching the class is really nice and patient with all of us.  I’ve done some reading about it today (I have unfettered internet access at work and nothing to do.  What else am I going to do?) and apparently there is a long tradition of boys being belly dancers.  With a lot of the movement in the hips it would be something to see since boys dont necessairly have hips (has something to do with not being able to have babies.  Evolution, who’d’ve of thought).  I’ll look for a video and post it but here is one I found today on the intertubes

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2 Responses to Random Tuesday

  1. Samer says:

    That’s cool — so you’ve decided to stick with it?

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