I Forgot a Couple of Things

I forgot a couple of things:

Be prepared to make mistakes and rip out.  It is what it is, no one wants to do it, but sometimes there is no other choice.  You will make mistakes that will leave you feeling: silly, dumb, exasperated, retarded, like you want to bang your head against a wall, or smack your forehead with your hand, flabbergasted, flustered, frustrated, etc.  Who knows it might be your lucky day and you might feel all these emotions plus more all at the same time.

Socks look best when knit tightly.  I learned this the hard way.  I wanted to make these lighthouse socks from knitty.com for my Dad.  I knit one and most of the second but because it’s a 64 stitch around sock I knit them very loosely and they did not look good at all.  They came out very sloppy and had to be ripped out and I re-knit them with a different pattern (a simple one I made up) and when they were done looked much better.  Also, when socks are knit tightly they wear better.

Finally (I promise, last thing) if you are giving socks as a gift choose a yarn that can be washed in a machine.  Hand knitted socks are nice but nowadays people may not necessarily want to hand wash socks.  There are a lot of superwash sock yarns (machine wash cold, gentle cycle, lay flat to dry) that come in a variety of colours.  Finally, a sock yarn that has some nylon in it will lengthen the life of the sock.  This means less darning for you.  And, after all, it’s all about you and making your life easier.

This concludes our lesson for the day.  Tune in tomorrow for another exciting adventure.  Oh, and today’s lesson was brought to you by the letter “K”.

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