Misadventures With Sticks and String

I must have taken a cue from the Harlot because I am incapable of counting today. Not that this is unusual. There have been days when I havent been able to count to 9 or 7. I’m making a hat for my Mom, it’s a cabled beret. I want one but she gets one first. I was working on it at work and kept having too many decreases. If the pattern said I was supposed to have 5 purl stitches in a section I would have 4. So, take out a row to take out the decrease and go along until the pattern calls for another decrease. This happened at least once yesterday and a couple of times today. You think this would be a clue. You think I might wake up to find out something is wrong. Nope. I just kept knitting along. So, now with about 15 or so rows left to go I find out I have about 4 extra rows. Fuck. I ripped half the damn thing out. It wouldnt be so bad if I wasnt on a deadline. I have this hat and one pair of fingerless gloves to knit and block by about this time next week. My parents leave on their trip on August 8th so their stuff has to be to them by August 7th at the latest and shipped normally it takes about a week to get there. I’ll probably have to ship it priority with 2-3 day shipping just to be sure it makes it to Iowa in time for their trip.

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