More Exciting than Chocolate Pudding

Okay, maybe not that exciting. But I am done with all my parents knitting projects. They have been blocked and are drying in my courtyard as we speak.

Sorry, no pictures of socks. But those are done too thanks to a 1 AM knitting marathon. I am so happy because these will arrive in Iowa in time for the trip (I’m mailing them priority on Thursday before taking off for the beach). This means I can read “Slaughter-house Five” and another book I was loaned, and I can actually do a well thought out post on something political because there has been so much lately. Iraq-Pakistan border anyone? And it means when I leave for the beach Thursday I can take my stockings. I have become a better knitter over the last few months which I am proud of, I can see how much more even my knitting has become. Anyway, off to belly dancing.

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One Response to More Exciting than Chocolate Pudding

  1. Samer says:

    One – there is nothing more exciting than chocolate pudding.

    Two – you’ll like Slaughterhouse Five. It’s a great book.

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