I’ve Been Out of Touch But . . .

I’ve been away for a few days (the beach was wonderful.  So many stars) but is it just me or are John McCain’s attacks getting more desperate?  He’s just going to say whatever he thinks it will take to bring Obama down.  Now they are handing out tire pressure gages at 25$ a pop, stating that this is the whole of Obama’s energy policy.  I am sleepy but this is more over the top than the ad with Paris Hilton.  Rachel Maddow believes McCain is winning the election right now because of this crap.  That making the election about Obama and not about policy is his one ticket.  I hope not.

Maybe I should read “Shooting War

Sleepy tonight and work tomorrow.  Sigh.  Vacations are so short.

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One Response to I’ve Been Out of Touch But . . .

  1. Samer says:

    Someone actually believes that McCain is winning the election? Wow… in my opinion, unless something stupendously disastrous happens, McCain doesn’t stand a chance.

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