John Edwards

So, John Edwards admitted he had a short lived affair 2 years ago, admitted this to his family at the time, worked out with his family, and moved on.  Now after a National Enquirer story about how this woman had a baby it’s somehow news.  The baby is not his.  I hear people are upset because if he had won the nomination it would hand the election to John McCain.  John McCain had an affair with his current wife while his first wife was in the hospital, while they were still married.  He divorced his first wife to marry a beer heiress with a fortune.

I dont understand what big deal is.  So John Edwards had an affair 2 years ago, worked out the fallout privately with his family at the time, and moved on.  Lots of people have affairs.  Lots of people have affairs and never come clean about it.  Bill Clinton had several affairs.  John F. Kennedy had several affairs.  To use this as a cudgel to beat John Edwards is ridiculous.  To say this ends his political aspirations is ridiculous.  Larry Craig never resigned over soliciting gay sex in a bathroom at an airport in MN.  During Bill Clinton’s impeachment Larry Flint revealed the affairs of the accusers.  Look at the DC Madam and how many in Congress were taking advantage of her services.  How many of them are in Congress and still pursuing political careers?

I was more of an Edwards supporter in the primary.  And, yes, he probably should have come clean about the affair a long time ago.  It was not very smart to think in the day of youtube and the internets that his affair would stay secret.  Nope.  Nothing wise in that.  But cut the guy some slack.  He resolved the matter with his family 2 years ago.  Privately.  That is the most important thing in this story.  He showed his family the respect and dignity they deserved.  As much as I like Bill Clinton, that was one thing he never did.

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