Does This Count?

I’m very tired today.  After having several crazy dreams in a week and a half and not having slept much over the last couple of days and having to do two jobs at work all week I’m about out of gas.  I just hope by the time I get home from grocery shopping I have enough energy to watch the debate.  I’m excited to see Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.  The woman can barely string together a coherent sentence together but I guess is going to be attacking Biden for being a liberal elitist who has been giving speeches since 1972.  He’s experienced dont ya know!  So, we’ll see how it goes tonight.  For all the talk I’m still convinced Joe Biden will eat her for breakfast and the poor woman gets soggy in milk.  I’m leaving with this because for no other reason than that the rain is returning to Portland and because I’m so tired it seemed strangely appropriate.

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