I Misunderestimated Her

So, I just finished watching the VP debate.  Joe Biden did not eat Sarah Palin for breakfast she in fact, surprisingly, did rather well.  She was coached well and was able to repeat the talking points given to her by the McCain campaign.  (Although with her speech mannerisms I couldnt help but think “Fembot” a few times) She, just like any politician, can misrepresent and embroider the truth more than just a little.  I dont know how many times she said “Maverick” I wasnt keeping score.  After seeing here interview with Katie Couric last week I really expected her to do very poorly.  She did at one point blame the “Mainstream Media” for making her look like an idiot (at least that was my interpretation) but she did that well enough on her own without any help from anyone.  The youtube clips are out there to prove it.  No one cleverly edited her responses together.

Oh, yeah, and having Geraldine Ferraro on after the debate to give analysis was truly classy.  This is the woman who made openly racist comments about Barack Obama during the primary.  Give me a fucking break.  Sure she was the first female VP nominee in 1984 when Mondale ran, but that does not qualify her (in my mind) to give post debate analysis.

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