It’s Offically Fall

It’s true.  Fall has come to Portland and I have mixed feelings.  It rained nearly all day yesterday.  Yes, it was nice to listen to the drops fall outside and listen to rain drip down my heater I feel a little melancholy.  My tomatoes, morning glories, and cosmos are done.  I cut them down and cleaned up today.  Sure, I have my seedlings for the coldframe, but it’s not the same.  I wont get up on Saturday mornings to a riot of trumpeting blue flowers turning their faces to the dawn.  I wont see the orange red cosmos waving in the breeze just outside my door.  Summer seemed very short this year.  That’s because it stayed cold here until nearly the end of July and we had a cold snap at the end of August.  Fall has it’s own pleasures.  Food wise, it’s squash, soup, and lentils.  I’m taking my leftover tomatoes and roasting them tomorrow then freezing it for winter.  Down the street the leaves on my favourite trees will start to turn gold and every year I am amazed at how beautiful they are.  Maybe if I can borrow a camera I will take a picture.

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