It’s Nearly Here

Four weeks from Tuesday is the election.  What a long season.  Who would have thought ten months ago that we would have Barack Obama and John McCain as our nominees for President.  It was just a year ago that McCain was generally viewed as being out of the race.  That his campaign was washed up.  Now, here we are. It’s strange to me to think that it’s nearly over.  One cartoonist I read is saying “Good-bye President Meal Ticket” which, has truth to it.  How will an Obama administration be held to account by the “left” or by “progressives” in this country.  I can only imagine how things will go if we end up with a McCain administration.

In Oregon, we dont have polling places.  We have vote by mail.  Everyone in the state receives their ballot in the mail along with their voters guide three weeks ahead of the election.  You can mail in your ballot, drop it off at an election site, or library. This makes voting so easy and there is no pressure.  I love it.  I just cant hardly believe I’ll be getting my voters guide and ballot in the mail in a week or so.  Check the registration deadline in your state and if it’s not too late please register to vote if you havent already.

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