From the NYT:

US Proceeds With Plan for Equity Stakes In Banks

Paul Krugman has been talking about this all week and in today’s column talked about the need for something like this to be done now, or this weekend, but before Monday.  Banks have not been lending to one another and states are not able to get money in short term bonds (money states and cities borrow for a few days to fund things like school systems, road building projects, etc) and Arnold “The Gubernator” Schwarzenegger is about to beg the government for 7 billion dollars just to keep their state afloat.  Britian just did this.  Sweeden had to partially nationalize their banking system in 1992 because of a financial crisis.  The Fed will directly inject capitol into banks and with that capitol, confidence so banks will start lending again.  I feel a bit like I can breathe a little.  We are going to be fucked for a good long while, but maybe we wont go careening into the crevasse.

In knitting and other news I have totally failed in Blogtoberfest.  I dont know what to say about myself.  I have been busy though.  Tomorrow I get to take Karla out for her birthday.  Her birthday is technically October 18th, she’s three months and 18 days younger than I me.  Therefore, she will be in the old folks home 3 months and I after I am.  We worked together at a call center for GM, were laid off in August 2007 when our jobs went to Buenos Aires, and havent seen each other since.  I dont have many girlfriends and I’m grateful for her.  I made a scarf for her birthday and I wish I had a camera to take a picture!  I blocked it as soon as I got home from work and it’s beautiful.  Purple is her favourite colour and the yarn I used has several different shades of purple, is muted, and I think will look good with her skin tone.  I’ve been busy knitting until 10-11 at night this week just so I could finish.  Next is Christmas knitting.

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