Time for Something New

I’ve paid such close attention to both terms of GW and gang over the last 7 years, that now knowing he’s actually going to be gone, and that the person replacing him is calm, intelligent, curious, and kind gives me a sense of relief.  I feel like I can concentrate on other things like novels, knitting, cooking, appreciating the turn from fall into winter, gardening. etc.

My beets, carrots, spinach, and endive are growing.  Even though it’s cool and rainy the beets seem especially happy.  The tarragon, parsley, and onions are taking their time but once they’re brought in they should start to sprout.  Besides, it’s just me so who cares if I dont get any onions until March.  I can spend mental energy thinking about my spring garden.  I can spend mental and physical dexterity on Christmas knitting on which I’m woefully behind.  I’ve knitted one hat and one scarf.  I have knit half of another scarf and one hat is nearly finished (only decreases and binding off)  I’ve joined The Samurai Knitters Holiday Craft Spaz Out-Along.  As soon as I figure out how to get that damn button on my site.

Thankfully, I’m getting a lace lesson at work this morning.  But there are still mittens, hats, and scarfs to knit along with a birthday present and one pair of socks.  (pssst: The Thuja pattern from Knitty works itself up in a couple of days)

None of this means I’m going to completely stop paying attention, nor does it mean I’m not going to read Madeline Albright’s new book, but for the first time in 7 years I think things are going to be okay.  We have lots of problems and the economy is worse every day.  There have been nearly one million jobs lost this year and that is not going to change any time soon.  But, smart people are in charge again!  Yea!  Right now, that’s enough for me.  So, now, let’s begin with the Holiday-Crafting-Spaz-Out-Along!!!

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