Holiday Reality

I’m making the “Anne Shirley” scarf from the latest issue of Knitty for my ex-husband’s Mom.  (She adopted me and says she loves having a daughter.)  After ripping out the damn thing several times I finally got the hang of the pattern.  Only thing is that I never did the reverse.  It’s supposed to make a completely reversible scarf.  The pattern is lovely but right now I cant decide whether or not to rip the fucking thing out and re-knit it.  I know if I did it would make the pattern pop out more.  (If I had a camera I’d show you what I have already).  I dont want to rip it out again (ugh!) but have come to the realization that not everything I want to knit by Christmas is going to get done.  I still have stuff for my parents and brother to knit, my gay boyfriend and his partner, ex-husband, a close friend, and my boyfriend.  Oh yeah, I got volunteered to knit a scarf as a birthday gift for one of the girls at work. 

As I was rushing out the door to catch the bus (almost didnt make it, yes it was one of those mornings.  And I couldnt decide what to wear) I realized that not everything is going to be done in time.  My parents, brother, boyfriend, and birthday gift are going to have to take priority.  Especially if I want to bake anything at all this year. 

Damn it.  Why cant my fingers move faster.  I guess this is a long and rambling way to say I’ll probably end up ripping out the Anne Shirley scarf AGAIN!  God fucking damn it.  At least holiday spaz out loves company.

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