Photos! And a couple of other random things

Okay, I dont have a proper camera, only the one in my laptop, so they’re crappy photos but photos nonetheless.

The first two pictures are the Anne Shirley scarf from Knitty.  It was going to be for my ex-mother-in-law for Christmas.  That was until I realized that there was no way I could knit 560 yards of nearly lace weight yarn and have my other knitting projects (parents, brother, boyfriend) done by Christmas.  It’s my first real lace project.  Other than reading charts for cables, I havent read many lace charts.  So, there has been a lot of starting and stopping, getting help, and ripping out.  The third picture is the Lace Ribbon scarf, also from Knitty.  The photo isnt any good and doesnt do the yarn justice.  It’s a mostly purple sock weight yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts here in Portland.  I went to Twisted a couple of weeks ago for yarn.  If you’re ever in Portland, they’re a cool buch of people.

It’s cheesy, but I’m working on a Noro Striped Scarf for my Dad.  It’s halfway finished, and is going to be up his alley when it’s finished.

It’s Thanksgiving Day, but my gluttonous gratification must be delayed.  (please insert a melodramatic sigh) I’m not having Thanksgiving until Saturday with Donna (my ex-mother-in-law) at the beach.  I’ve always wanted to have Thanksgiving at the beach.  It seems like such a novelty.  Maybe it’s the whole being from Iowa thing.  Either way, I’m totally stoked!  I never really cared about Thanksgiving until I’d had it with her.  It’s a bigger deal for my family here than Christmas.  My boyfriend is also coming with me.  I’m pretty excited about that too.  He’s going to meet my Oregon family for the first time.  We take the bus to Tillamook tomorrow and come back Sunday.  We’ve been together for two years and have never gotten away, and while my family is going to be there and we wont be alone, it’s still getting away.  The place we’re going is very quiet (except for evil barking Dachshunds who get into other peoples things and eat their chocolate)

There is cleaning, baking, and laundry to do.  Whatever you are doing, whenever or wherever you are having Thanksgiving, Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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