Um, Duh?

I’m a slow learner.  While I was working on my Mom’s scarf I finally realized why / and \ show up in lace patterns and why / is for knit two together and \ is for slip, slip, knit.  The stitch K2tog leans left and SSK leans right.  I knit this pattern once before and worked on the Anne Shirley scarf but didnt realize until now what this means.  Once I realized this I felt like such a dumbass.

Apparently I’m not capable of math either.  I cast on a hat for my brother last night (120 stitches) measured my gage, came out to 5 stitches an inch, which gave me a gage of 25 inches around for the hat.  (Much too big for my brother) This morning I wake up and before coffee, before my shower, I realize that 120 divided by 5 is 24 and not 25.  Again, I felt a bit dumb.

My brother says he’s not into wearing hats in the winter.  I say “You live in Moline, IL, and it’s not unusual for it to be -10 for the high in January.  You are getting a freaking hat!”

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2 Responses to Um, Duh?

  1. Samer says:

    It was 60 degrees last night, and I wore a hat. I don’t think I’d be cut out for Moline.

  2. walterknitty says:

    You wouldnt be cut out for Midwest winters at all. Last winter there was a cold snap where it didnt get above freezing for 3 weeks. Every day the high was negative something and it’s not unusual when it gets like that for the low at night to be in the negative double digits.

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