I learned how to knit 2 years ago, it was a Christmas gift for myself, but I didnt get serious about it until about a year ago.   That was when I decided to make socks for my folks.  Not a good idea.  Definitely not a good idea.  I thought I was going to go nuts.

That being said, charts have just started to click.  I’ve knit a couple of lace scarves and a hat, started the Anne Shirley scarf (still on a holder) and am now knitting the Yarn Harlot’s Unorignal Hat.  Sitting at the laundromat last night the symbols on the chart just clicked.  I now know why the cable symbols are written the way they are.  Cables are one of my most favourite things to knit.  I like the look and I’m amazed that you can just knit a couple of stitches out of order to create this twisting turning pattern.  I’m a simple creature.   It’s something that is not possible in crochet.

In the last year I’ve observed how I need the stitches.  I need to knit.  It’s calming for me.  I have a lot of nervous energy and used to pick at my fingers a lot.  Knitting gives me something to do with my hands, that energy, and my fingers/hands look better for it.  It’s also given me more strength in my hands.  And the satisfaction of “Hey, I did this myself!” isnt bad for the ego either.

Btw, I was totally lazy this weekend and didnt block anything.  I seriously need to get off my ass and get it done.

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One Response to Observations

  1. rodgerpm says:

    Laaaaaaaaaaazy? No no dear, you were *busy* being faaaaaaaabulous.

    That’s what I tell myself whenever I “forget” to block and/or wash my sweaters for a while..

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