I’m Thankful For . . .

Much to my surprise it snowed most of the day yesterday.  It was snowing when my boyfriend and I got up and I was so excited I made pancakes for breakfast.  Many of the streets are nothing more than sheets of ice as is my courtyard.  More snow is predicted for Wednesday.  Anyone have a salt truck to send this way?  That being said, I made a list of things I am grateful for this morning while waiting for the bus.

I am grateful for:

A boyfriend who cares for me enough to worry about me getting on the bus to come to work this morning and who is washing some clothes so I dont have to trudge down the icy sidewalk to the laundromat.

Down comforters

That there was a boy in the Navy who was small enough that I could fit into his wool pants.  (a few years ago I found a pair of wool pants from the Navy at a second hand shop)

A warm, safe place to sleep (Portland has a large homeless population)

Having grown up in Iowa which gives me perspective and prepared me for the kind of weather we are having now.  (It’s 27 today and is not supposed to get above 32 for a week.  Just in case you are wondering that is not normal for Portland.  It’s usually 45 and raining)

Mom’s Lasagna recipe (no cooking the noodles first!)

An apartment with an enclosed back porch, the plants are hiding out in there so they dont die.

A job close to home where the employees are seen as human beings

Enough money to not worry where the next meal is coming from with enough left over for yarn and to spoil the boyfriend for Christmas.

I am grateful that I can and enjoy cooking

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