Aaack Snow!

Since Friday it’s snowed a foot here in the City of Roses.  I wasnt able to get to work yesterday and today the bus I would normally take is not running.  Staying home again.  It is pretty though.  Saturday night we got about 1/4 inch of ice which was enough to put a crust on the snow and coat some tree branches and leaves with ice.

But, what I wouldnt give for a fucking salt/sand truck.

Here are some photos from Sunday

The last picture is what I did yesterday.

Which doesnt look like much but it is a second sock there are only 3 inches to go before it’s finished.  Yup, I knit nearly a whole sock yesterday.  In case you’re wondering it’s the Fargyle pattern from Knitty.  And the gifts for my parents and brother went out Thursday before the weather hit and they will have gotten there stuff on time for the first time in years.  I’m sure they’re surprised.

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