I Am A Weenie

It’s true.  I am a weenie.  After going to the Holiday Hangover Hospital I stayed at my boyfriend’s.  I woke up about 1AM and it was snowing.  Snowing.  Again.  For some reason I felt the need to get worked up over it.  I convinced myself that I was going to be stuck at his place with one change of clothes for 4 days.  My cat would have no food for 3 days and although she is rather plumb I couldnt leave her like that.  It’s ridiculous I know.  In my own pathetic defense it was snowing pretty hard and started sticking rather quickly.

He was patient and humoured me.  He said if that were to happen he would make sure we got back to my place.  He kept saying I should go to sleep.  I couldnt shake my anxiety.  He said not to worry, that it’ll probably be sunny tomorrow.  When I told him the snow was stressing me out because the last week showed how incapable the city is when it comes to dealing with snow . . . He was patient with me.  I did admit that it was ridiculous to get so worked up.  It started raining sometime between 3 and 3:30 and although I was relieved I still couldnt sleep and had to get ready for work in a couple of hours.  It was sloppy and slushy in the morning, the snow was melting, I almost missed my bus.  I was grateful the coffee shop had bran muffins and good coffee.

A beautiful sunrise started to break just as I was getting to work.  I felt like such a dork.

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