New Year

I generally dont believe in New Years Resolutions.  I have a very bad habit of constantly breaking them.  With that being said there are some things I started in 2008 that I would like to carry through to 2009 and maybe pick up a couple of new things along the way.

1. In 2008 I learned that I like brussel sprouts, cherry bomb peppers, kale, beets, pears, deleciata squash, and ground cherries.  I’d like to find out what other new foods I like or find I actually like foods I thought I hated.

2.  Over the past summer I was astonished to find out that I can grow plants without killing them,  I can grow food, and  I like doing it.  I’m going to grow some new things this year.  In the spring I’d like to grow peas, bush beans, cherry bomb peppers, another kind of pepper, and some smaller tomatoes.  No beefsteak tomatoes this year.  They tasted good but were so watery they turned sandwich bread into mush almost immediately.  Soggy bread is gross.  They also took forever to get ripe.  This summer I’ll try for a couple smaller varieties.

3. I’d like to learn how to play with a drop spindle.

4.  The Christmas knitting is nearly done.  Can it be?! Already?! It’s not February.  I have to keep my fingers crossed but I have 2 hats and a pair of socks (Thuja from Knitty) to knit.  I’t’d  be nice if they were all done by the 20th.   That’s when I go visit the big TV (5’x4′ projection screen TV) for the inauguration.  The hats are for the couple I’m visiting.  Then I’d like to work on some projects for me.  I hardly ever knit for myself and would like to knit myself a sweater before it gets too warm.  Maybe I could say the next 6 months of knitting is just for me.

5.  I’d like to be more mindful of how much money I spend unnecessairly on groceries and learn to eat more cheaply and sustainably.  This goes along with the learning how to garden thing and learning to like new things.  The Farmers Market starts up in March or April.

We’ll see how all that goes.  Resolutions often get broken but maybe it’ll help that I like learning new things.

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