It Will Be Spring. Eventually. Right?

The sun came out today.  Here it’s something of a miracle.  For the last week and a half or so it’s been very rainy the last couple of days we’ve had a rain/wind storm.  My desk is on the 26th floor of a tall office building, a building that creaks, groans, pops, and sways when we have a wind/rain storm.  Although I know the building is safe and it is designed to do what it does it is nonetheless disconcerting and a little nerve racking.

Anyway, the sun came out today, it’ s not too cold, and I ordered seeds for my garden.  Granted, I can only grow plants in pots, but it’s still my garden.  I’m going to grow broccoli (one of my most favourite veggies) basil, oregano, heavenly blues (a beautiful morning glory), Harlequin marigolds, Teddy Bear Sunflowers, 3 kinds of tomatoes (Green Zebra, Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge, and Tigerella), 3 kinds of peppers (Fish Peppers, Cherry Bomb, and Red Belgian), blue lake bush bean, lemon cukes, spinach, parsley, tarragon, and onions. 

I think that’s all, unless I pick up any new starters from the Farmers Market.  No beefsteak tomatoes this year.  Last year beefsteak tomatoes = soggy bread = gross!  It’ll be fun to grow some different things this spring/summer.  Hopefully this coming summer will be better for tomatoes and here’s crossing my fingers for no snow in April.  That sucked.

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