It’s Almost Finished!

I’m excited.  Keeping my fingers crossed, but excited.  The Christmas knitting is almost done.  One hat to finish and one hat to make and it’s all over.  Then it’s all about me for a little bit. 

I get a new hat, fingerless gloves, and maybe a scarf.  

I’m also going to make a sweater for myself.  It’ll be my first.  I’m going to make the “Casual Sweater” from Classic Knits by Erika Knight.  I tried to get a picture from Flickr but WordPress doesnt like the URL.  The pattern is written kind of strange.  The instructions are to knit every piece flat, even the sleeves, then seam it all together.  Because I’m lazy that seems like it’d be too much work and I hate seaming.  It’s too much like sewing and I HATE sewing.  I’ll knit it in the round because that seems to make much more sense and seems like it’d be less a pain in the ass.  It’s an experiment so we’ll see how it goes.  I think I’ll make it out of Cascade Eco Wool.  478 yards for 15$ is such a deal and it’ll knit up at 3 stitches to the inch which is the gage for this pattern.  Two skeins should do it and it’s much cheaper than the yarn the pattern calls for.  I’m cheap and dont want to spend 72$ for yarn to make 1 sweater.

Other than that, it’s pretty quiet on the home front.  The cat is grouchy as ever.  I’m very excited George Bush’s last day in office is next Monday.  I cant wait.  I want to tie one on that night to celebrate.  The rat bastard will be gone and cannot come back.  I’ll be headed down to McMinnville on Monday morning.  I have a friend who has a 5′ x 4′ projection screen TV who is as into politics as much as I am.  Tuesday we’re going to be sitting on the sofa watching Obama take the oath of office and Tuesday night the Yamhill County Democrats are having an Inauguration Party and we’ll be off to that too.

Your homework should you choose to accept it is to watch the final interview he gave yesterday.  His body language is interesting to watch and very different from Obama’s.  This man has no regrets and no remorse about any of the fucked up things that happened over the last 8 years.  Not on Iraq, not on Katrina, not on torture, nothing.  We will be much better off as a country to be rid of him.  Will you raise your glass with me Monday night to give him a send off?

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