A little history and a few Inauguration thoughts a little after the fact

I talked to Jim (my ex-husband) last night.  I’ve been told several times how weird this is, that we get along as well as we do.  We get along better now than when were married.  He’s come a long way in the 12 years we’ve known each other.  When we first met about the only things he would eat were: white pasta with Alfredo sauce with and without chicken, and highly processed, thinly sliced meat, with mustard, on Wonder Bread.  He drank Coke, Kool-Aid, and milk like it was going out of style and he wouldnt touch garlic with a 10 foot pole.  Now, he loves garlic and eats a much wider variety of food than I ever thought he was capable of.  Part of this change came about when he found out he was sensitive or allergic to several foods (milk in particular) that were having an adverse effect on his health.  Instead of Coke, he will drink fruit sodas, coffee, or water (gasp!) and doesnt eat Wonder Bread any more.

This was the first election he’s been excited about.  Ever.  The whole time I’ve known him he’s been very jaded about the American political system.  This election is the first time he’s voted in 8 years.  He was so excited to be able to vote for Obama.  And in the face of adversity (he lives with his family in Iowa who still supported GW until the end and hates Obama) can still find hope and be excited about the new direction America is going.  He wrote this on Inauguration Day and although it’s a little late I’d like to share it with you.

=/\= To boldly go where no man has gone before…

at this moment i feel an amazing elation and definite connection to roddenberry’s vision of the future. we have taken those steps starting with dr. king and those steps have become a path that has led us to this moment in history. what would dr. king say today if he could have been here? would he have expounded and expanded on his famous “i have a dream” speech? would he smile silently with tears of joy brimming in his eyes as so many in the crowd had in theirs? we will never know…

at this moment in history, i ask you to reflect on how far we have come, and how far we have yet to go. what can you do to personally make this a better world? how can we as a human race move us towards a future envisioned by gene roddenberry? i for one, am proud of how far we have come. i am proud of what has occurred today. i am only saddened by the fact that it took so long. for it is readily apparent that not all people share the dream of a bright enlightened future. i am sad for these people. i take hope and dream that these folks will see the light and realize that our blood is red just like every other human on this planet no matter what color the skin the blood belongs to.

i hope to see you all in this bright new future and i will help you walk the path if needed. you have only need to ask my brother, my sister, and i will lend you my hand…
p.s. i am glad i had that box of tissues next to me for the inauguration ;) '(

Here’s a photo of us from a couple of years ago


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