Sorry folks.  Here at Walter’s house of fiber and fur there’s been a lot of distraction.  I ordered a bunch of yarn to knit this jacket from Twist Collective and when it came it wasnt the colour I was expecting.  It’s going back to Webs today with a note for exchange.  Oh well.  I’m still trucking along on the Anne Shirley scarf.  It looks about the same as the last photo only longer.  There is so much yarn left in the ball I have idea whether or not I’m making any progress.

There has been a nasty virus going around work and I spent much of the last week lying in bed blowing my nose every 10 seconds and hoping my head would stop hurting enough to form coherent thoughts.  Chris called to check on me Tuesday and all I did was whine about how bad I felt.  Not one of my finer moments.

We had a date last Saturday to see “Coraline”.  I feel protective about stories I really like.  This is one of my favourite creepy stories.  Coraline is a good heroine.  Although she has help, she figures out how to win the day on her own.  All on her own.  The film was animated with stop motion animation, even the grass was animated.  That was cool.  Unfortunately, the film does not follow the chronology of the book well and does not carry the creepy aura of the book well at all.  At least imho.  But, like I said, I feel protective of stories I like and want films made from these stories to carry a certain integrity contained in the original story.  I felt the same way about “Stardust”.  In the book/comic the Star does not love Tristan and longs to return to the heavens but makes the best of her situation.  I suppose that doesnt make for a very “Hollywood” story.  “From Hell” was the same.  A long, in depth study of Jack The Ripper turned into some slop.   This is a long and rambling way to say that while I was impressed with the ambition of the animation in “Coraline”, I was not overly thrilled about the film.  Take that for the little it’s worth.

I dont get too into Valentines Day.  Of all the Holiday’s it is the most contrived.  Made up to sell cards, chocolate, and flowers.  I dont buy much into it.  That being said, I have caved and am making a special dinner tonight for us (unless Chris has come down with the same virus I had).  Salmon, home made rolls, some kind of roasted veggies, wine, and this cake.  I’ve been obsessed with this cake since I first saw it.  This happens to me sometimes (like the cupcake pies.  the last time I made these it was a dozen blueberry pies for a party.  who doesnt want their own individual blueberry pie)  All that being said about not getting too into Valentines Day, this is worth doing.

Pink Panty Warfare!  Yeah!  I feel a trip to the Dollar Store or Goodwill coming up so I can participate.  If you want to participate here the website for the Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose, and Forward Women

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