Crabiolis?!  Crabilois you say!  WTF are crabilios.  Like most things there is a story behind crabilois.

Just after my now ex-husband and I moved to Oregon I wanted to make a fancy dinner for our family.  I decided on home made ravioli’s, corn on the cob, and chocolate cheesecake.  Everything  was going smoothly until I found out the oven didnt work and had to cook the cheesecake at the neighbour’s up the road.  Then the pasta dough had to be made from scratch and rolled it out by hand.  That took for freaking ever.  I was supposed to get help shucking corn but the two boys who promised to help me decided to disappear and get intoxicated instead.  If you’ve never shucked corn before it is a rather time consuming process, especially when it comes to getting as much silk out of the ear as possible.  By the time it was time to cook the ravioli’s it was nearly 11PM.  I was frustrated, tired, and hungry.  Some of the ravioli’s started sticking together on the plate and then started falling apart in the water.  I had had enough.  I screamed, smashed the metal pasta spoon on the pot (did a good job denting it), ran upstairs, and started crying.  It didnt help that Jim (now ex-husband) and the two intoxicated boys were laughing at me.  Jim and the two boys (now no longer intoxicated) had to finish.  And Jim had to come upstairs and kind of reprimand me for getting so upset.  That didnt help at all.  When the food was finally cooked and it was time to eat, everything turned out well.  The crabiolis were really good.  This happened nearly 10 years ago and I’ve only made crabioli’s twice since then.  A half batch once as a birthday gift, and once when my parents came to visit my Dad insisted we have ravioli’s, but at least that time my parents helped with the whole process.

Now that I’ve found out you can use wonton wrappers instead of making the dough from scratch and rolling it out.  I have a pasta maker but it doesnt save much time.  But, using wonton wrappers would be sooooooo much easier it may just be ravioli time again.  The recipe is for spinach, herb, and cheese, they are very good, and it’d be a nice change from noodles with sauce.  Hopefully there will not be a tearful repeat of the now infamous crabioli incident.

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