Marriage is about love

Emms posted this video on her sight and I’m re-posting it here. (She’s all cool and stuff because she can embed video’s.  For some reason I havent been able to figure out WordPress wont let me embed videos unless they’re from google or youtube)

I’ve known several gay people in my short life.  My best friend Micheal is gay.  In March 2004, Mayor Vera Katz, ok’d marriage licenses to be issued to gay couples.  Unfortunately, it didnt last long.  In 2004 there was a ballot initiative, Measure 36, that changed the wording of the Oregon constitution to state that marriage was between one man and one woman.  It was passed by a large majority of voters.  Larger than I expected.  Micheal and Chris (his husband now for almost 6 years) had their marriage invalidated as well as several hundred other couples.    If you want some very amusing reading here is a link to the 2004 Oregon Voters Pamphlet  for arguments in favour of Measure 36.  Some of them are true arguments in favour, some are satirical arguments in favour which are quite amusing.  It makes me glad that at least Oregonians have a sense of humour.

I dont understand this.  I dont understand what some people here in the States are so afraid of.  Gay marriage does not and will not invalidate straight marriage.  Gay people getting married does not invalidate what straight people do behind closed doors in their bedrooms.  Gay marriage does not do anything to lessen the value or cheapen straight marriage.  The love two people of the same sex feel for one another has absolutely no effect on the love two people of the opposite sex feel for one another.

The religious argument against gay marriage comes from Leviticus which has a lot of other rules that these people who use religion for their argument choose to ignore. (eating shellfish is an abomination, wearing clothes woven of two different types of cloth [wool/linen] is an abomination, if a woman is raped she must marry the rapist, etc)  To paraphrase Bill Maher  “What other Bronze Age laws and beliefs do we still cling to today”  And many of the arguments against gay marriage are the same arguments used in the 1950’s and 60’s against interracial marriage. 

The Constitution of the United States says “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” it doesent say “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, only for straight people”  And it says “All men are created equal”, not “All straight men are created equal”

The Constitutional ammendment prohibiting gay marriage in CA was found unconstitutional by the CA Supereme Court.  Most of the judges were appointed by Ronald Regan.  Yes, it was unpopular with a certain part of the electorate, but anti-discrimination laws usually are for a while at least.  Yes, Ken Starr is an major ass hat for doing what he is doing, but, equality for gays is coming.  It’s going to take a while yet and the road will have some more set backs but it is coming.

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5 Responses to Marriage is about love

  1. Dace Sevcuna says:

    it breaks my heart too as my partner and I had to leave US to be together. We are a bi-national couple living in Canada, married in 2005. Nicole had to leave her family and friends behind to be with me and to have a chance to have a family. It breaks my heart to think that there are so many people who have gone through a nightmare of “yes you can and, you know, we changed our minds, you can’t”.
    I have been lucky as Canada treats everybody equally and my heart goes to everyone out there…we are just human beings who deserve to love and be loved…

  2. bells says:

    Oh I should add, I tried that old testament argument with my mother once and she said Jesus came to tell us which of the old testament rules should be kept and which should be forgotten. Apparently, even though he didn’t address every single one, we’re to understand he definitely wanted the anti-gay stance kept and the other food based stuff and other laws forgotten. We just KNOW that.


  3. loumms says:

    I think a lot of people forget that the Civil Rights movement in the ’50s and ’60s fought a lot of the same issues. It’s fascinating when you realise that the arguments on either side haven’t changed much except for the subject being fought over.

  4. Dace Sevcuna says:

    Spirituality is a good thing – either it is faith in God or Buda or Earth spirits. However, blind organized religion is a very unhealthy thing for anybody. There are bigger problems in this world than a misunderstanding on what bible says or doesn’t say about gays. How about child molesting or rape? Especially if we are talking about catholic priests!
    How about people dying for nothing in Iraq or Afghanistan? How about 42,000 kids dying from starvation and water born diseases every single day?
    It is one of the silliest things I have ever seen or heard. Christians arguing amongst themselves about what bible says and calling each other fake because they interpret THE BOOK differently.

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