The End is in Sight. Maybe

The Anne Shirleyscarf is more than halfway done.  At least it seems that way.  Less than half the yarn is left.  I used Schaefer Anne (didnt realize how appropriate this was till now) in the Clara Barton colour.  Here’s a picture from Webs


It’s a crappy, blurry, picture that doesnt do the yarn justice.  It’s sock weight, all 560 yards and is a combo of mohair, merino, and nylon.  (For 29$, it’s a good deal.  I’m cheap, I like deals, what can I say. ) It’s squishier than I thought it would be.   The only down side was that the skein was knotted but I didnt know it when I had it wound at  Knit/Purl.  The girl who helped wind it was patient.  It may be the mohair, but about halfway through the ball the end of the yarn got tangled with the end I was drawing from.  There has been some yarn vomit and tangles, but nothing too serious.  The yarn is pretty soft too.  I’m not experienced with lace, this was my first real  project.  After some false starts and complete frogs I got the hang of it.  Once I completely lost track of where I was (I put it down for a few weeks before picking it back up again) I thought I was going to throw it across the room before figuring out where I had left off.  There has been some cursing (okay, maybe more than  some) but lace doesnt seem as intimidating now.  Hopefully, I’ll still feel that way once it’s blocked and the lace opens up.

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One Response to The End is in Sight. Maybe

  1. Samer says:

    You’ll have to post a picture once you’re done.

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