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I am so stoked!

The Sock Summit 2009 website is up.  It’s happening at the Convention Centre in Portland in August.  That’s just a few miles from where I live.  Dudes, seriously, I could walk  or ride my bike from where I live.   I’m pretty … Continue reading

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I Heart Owls

The Owl’s sweater is nearly done.  Just 2 inches of ribbing and the armpit seams.  My fear now is that one arm will be 3 inches longer than the other even though I measured several times and counted rows several … Continue reading

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Thank You!

I wantto give a big “Thank You!” to everyone who gave advice on what to do about the Owls sweater.  Yesterday I did put all the arm stitches onto my long circular needle but the stitches were so tight on … Continue reading

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I’m making Kate Davies “Owls” sweater.  Here’s the link.  I’ve only made one thing with sleeves before and that was a jacket, but the sleeves were picked up from the arm holes and knitted down.  This is going to sound … Continue reading

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Mmmm. Lasagna

I’ve been eating some version of this lasagna for as long as I can remember.  It’s my Mom’s recipe and it’s the best kind.  No special noodles are needed and (this is the best part) the noodles dont have to … Continue reading

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Conversation with the Doc

I went to see my Doc yesterday.  Just a yearly check up along with the girl equivalent of  “turn your head and cough”.  You know, Hi Ho Silver!  I’m lying on the table/bed/thing in her office being prodded (and grateful … Continue reading

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Random Friday

Yea!  The broccoli survived it’s first rainy night outside.   I may be completely lame but I think plants are pretty amazing.  Take the lonely Tigerella tomato for instance: how does such a tiny seed know what to do.  How does such … Continue reading

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