A Public Conversation

I ride the bus to and from work with the same group of people pretty much every day.  Another knitter sometimes rides and today she was there.  The bus had just turned a corner and hit a spot of turbulence.  Here is an excerpt of our conversation:

Girl 1: You both looked like you had a hard time with that bumpy patch

Knitter 1: Yeah, I just had to hang on to my needles

Me: The first thing I thought was of stories I’ve heard about not having knitting needles on airplanes.  That the steward has said you can hit turbulence and the knitting needles will fly out of your hands and poke out an eye.

Girl 1: Are you serious?

Me: Yes.  I’ve heard stories like that.

Girl 1: I wish there was an all nudist airline.  No bag check, no taking off your shoes etc.

Me: There are certain things I just dont want to see on other people.  The guy sitting next to me, I dont want to see his penis flapping in the turbulence.  I just dont want to see that.

They were shocked.  In my own defense I dont want to see the boobs of the woman sitting next to me flapping in turbulence either.  Some women are well endowed and ya know, she could get a black eye from one of those.

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2 Responses to A Public Conversation

  1. bells says:

    nope, wouldn’t want to see that either!

  2. Samer says:

    It would certainly take people watching to all new level. Not necessarily better, but different surely…

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