Proof. With Photos

It’s true.  I have photographic evidence that knitting does happen.  It’s not just talked about.  The Anne Shirley scarf was finished a couple of weeks ago.  The first two are just her in all her glory.  The last is yours truly modeling.


Spring gardening is happening.  Broccoli went outside today.  Now, I may be jumping the gun a little bit, but it’s been so nice the last couple of days I couldnt help myself.  Hopefully all 5 of them survive.


A couple other things have sprouted, one lonely tomato, basil, tarragon, chives, but nothing worth taking pictures of yet.  Two other tomatoes got started today and 3 kinds of peppers.   I tried starting these a few weeks ago in toilet paper tubes, the only thing that sprouted was mold.  Hopefully I’ll have better luck with this batch.  Trying plastic containers left over from last year.  If they’re good enough for broccoli they’re good enough for peppers and tomatoes.  Right?

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3 Responses to Proof. With Photos

  1. Samer says:

    My dear, the disembodied head is a new look for you. I’m not sure I entirely approve, although the new hair style does look cute. Perhaps it would be better attached to the rest of your body?

  2. bells says:

    What a gorgeous scarf! That’s really, really pretty.

    Ah spring, seems so long ago now.

    • walterknitty says:

      Thank you. It’s the first real lace anything I’ve ever made. I know why lace knitting can be addictive, even though there were times when I didnt think I would finish. The pattern is on Knitty if you’re at all interested. When you were posting about summer I felt the same way, longing for long sunny days and warmth.

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