Random Friday

Yea!  The broccoli survived it’s first rainy night outside.  

I may be completely lame but I think plants are pretty amazing.  Take the lonely Tigerella tomato for instance: how does such a tiny seed know what to do.  How does such a tiny seed know to grow into a red and orange striped tasty (hopefully) tomato.  Or  broccoli which has a  tiny seed, not much bigger than a brown mustard seed, how does it know it’s going to grow into a plant with serrated leaves and a tasty broccoli head?  If I’m lame to find awe in this then I’m lame as lame can be.  I understand the evolutionary science behind it, selective breeding, hybridization, chance cross pollination, purposeful cross pollination over hundreds of years.  I understand that somewhere a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was an ancestor tomato that all the rest mutated from.   While I understand the science behind it, I still find it amazing and pretty damn cool.

In case anyone is wondering I get my seeds from Baker Creek Seed Co. based in MO.  They specialize in organically grown, heirloom seeds, from all over the US and all around the world.  Their prices are very reasonable.  And they have 197 varieties of tomatoes in 8 colours.  Sorry.  I’m a little tomato obsessed today.

Also today, the first thing I read was this from the NY Times.  The video has a good message and serves to remind me why I’m grateful Obama is our President.

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