I’m making Kate Davies “Owls” sweater.  Here’s the link.  I’ve only made one thing with sleeves before and that was a jacket, but the sleeves were picked up from the arm holes and knitted down.  This is going to sound incredibly dumb, but I have no freaking idea how I’m supposed to attach the sleeves to the body.  Am I supposed to knit the top part of the sleeve onto the sweater, leave some of the body stitches on extra yarn then graft it together?  I know I cant stick all the arm stitches onto my circular needle, if I did I wouldnt have any space to stick my arm in.  I’d put my sweater on, my arms would be stuck to my sides, and someone would have to tie the sleeves in a bow behind my back so they wouldnt flap around all day.  I’ve been trying to figure it out since about 2 this afternoon.  The more I think about it the more frustrated I get.  I posted for help on Ravelry, and got one reply that wasnt very helpful.  If anyone can give me a little direction I’d appreciate it.


Walter K.

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4 Responses to Frustration

  1. bells says:

    I’ve asked a friend who just made this to come and tell you what she did. Hopefully she’ll be able to help you!

  2. Terri says:

    Hello, I’m Bell’s friend Terri (lilypily). I’ve just finished Owls for myself and don’t fret, the part of the pattern explaining how to add the arms to the body is a little brief. I found it a bit confusing too. Basically you have to knit the stitches from all pieces onto the one needle in the order suggested in the pattern. Start with the left sleeve – knit all these stitches onto your needle. Then knit the front yoke stitches onto the needle, then the right sleeve and then the back yoke. It is awkward and takes a bit of fiddling as the sleeve stitches need to be stretched pretty much into a straight line to get them onto the needle, but it is do-able, so persevere. Take your time. Don’t forget you need to be working on the first row of the owl chart at the same time. If you want to email me directly you can find me through my blog Good luck. It’s worth the effort the finished owls is lovely. You can see mine on my blog too.

  3. Samer says:

    You can do a lot with duct tape…

  4. JulieT says:

    If it’s a seamless yoke sweater, and it looks like it is, you knit the body to the arm pits, both sleeves to the arm pits, then you put the whole shebang on one giant circular needle (with the arms in the proper, opposite-each-other places) and knit upward from there. Then you go back later and graft together the arm pits.

    I wrote an article about seamless sweaters, years ago. The sweater I discuss is a raglan, but the joining-up part is identical, and the only real difference is the decreasing method in the yoke. You can find it here, if you want.

    I’d also contact the designer and tell her you find the pattern confusing. Enough of that and she should fix it, I’d hope.

    Good luck!

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