I Heart Owls

The Owl’s sweater is nearly done.  Just 2 inches of ribbing and the armpit seams.  My fear now is that one arm will be 3 inches longer than the other even though I measured several times and counted rows several times too.  Fingers crossed.

It’s a grey, rainy spring day.  I went to the Portland Farmers Market early this morning.  It is hoity-toity, but has some advantages.  It’s the only one open right and because of it’s size has a lot of variety.  You can get a good deal if you take a careful walk through first.  No matter how much I want to make Chris a rhubarb pie, there is no way in hell I’m spending 5$ a pound.  No freaking way.  Even though it is very damp, it was good to get out.  Portland has a lot of cherry trees and now is the time they are in bloom.  This is my favourite season and it’s the shortest.  By mid-April those delicate pink and white petals will be drifting slowly onto pavement, cars, passers-by, and into storm drains.  It is beautiful though.  My most favourite part is the smell.  There is nothing like it.  Part of me feels spoiled by one small fact.  There are 3 trees, two white and one pink, right along the street behind my apartment.  They have not come into bloom yet.  When they do I’ll get to walk under them and smell that smell each time I go out and come home.

I dont know if any of you have read “Anne of Green Gables” or seen the film, but I’m reminded of the scene in the film and book when Matthew picks Anne up from the train station and she tells him she was thinking of sleeping in a cherry tree if he hadnt come.  She asks him if he would like that, to sleep in a cherry tree all silvery in the moonlight.  Would you like that?  To be surrounded in that scent and petals all silvery in the moonlight?

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One Response to I Heart Owls

  1. Samer says:

    One would think you’re a poet… 😉

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