I am so stoked!

The Sock Summit 2009 website is up.  It’s happening at the Convention Centre in Portland in August.  That’s just a few miles from where I live.  Dudes, seriously, I could walk  or ride my bike from where I live.   I’m pretty excited.  The Harlot is teaching a class on how to knit faster, and classes are being taught by Meg Swanson, Cat Bordhi, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, Nancy Bush, Barbara Walker . . .

How cool is that?!  The best part?  For all the famous knitting brain power concentrated in one place classes are reasonably priced.  Prices range from 15-140$ depending on class time.  One hour classes are 15$, 3 hour classes are 70$ and 6 hour classes are 140.  I for one could not sit in a class, let alone a knitting class, for 6 hours without getting cross-eyed.  There are a couple though I’m interested in: knitting ergonomics – how to knit more comfortably for your body, short rows (short rows and I dont get along.  I think they’re rat fucking bastards), and a class on stranded colour-work.  The first two are an hour, the last is 3.  There is also a panel discussion that sounds interesting on the 9th, the 99th anniversary of EZ’s birth:

Knitters like us (and you) owe a lot to those who’ve come before us, laying groundwork, messing up stereotypes, opening doors to becoming thinking knitters.  As we learn more and more about the science of knitting, and the ways that it’s improving and protecting our brains, or come to understand that what it has brought to our lives is far greater than the sum of its parts, we realize that we owe a very great deal to the knitters who have navigated the way here for us.  In keeping with those thoughts, and because really, what are the odds anybody is ever going to be able to get all these great thinkers in one room again, we have assembled a panel of Knitting Luminaries who will talk about what’s happened in knitting in the last 99 years, who we owe it to, and where they think it’s going.  There should be interesting debate, fierce passion, and an opportunity for you to ask them questions. 

There’s also going to be a sock museum. 

I wish all of you who wanted to come could.  August is when it’s finally summer here.  Summer for some of you may start around May/June.  Here, it’s not until after the 4thof July.  That’s if we’re lucky.   Summer is worth waiting for.  It’s sunny every day, the temperature usually stays between 80-85 (we do get occasional heat waves but they dont last long), there is no humidity, and are no mosquitoes.  Oh, and it cools off at night.  The last three more than make up for the months of damp and grey.  I’m from Eastern Iowa.  Summer there means weeks of 90+ degree weather with 90+ % humidity.  All the humidity traps the heat so it doesnt cool off at night.  The mosquitoes dont care if you’re wearing repellent.  They consider it a challenge.

Besides, it’s Portland.  We have  independent coffee shops and breweries on every corner, lots of yarn shops, and more strip joints per capita than Las Vegas.  What’s not to love?

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