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Random office weirdness in 3 acts

Act 1: Because there are two suspected cases of flu in Seattle, some people here at the firm are going nuts.  One of the hospitality girls (the hospitality dpt does things like set up meetings, plan parties, etc) had to … Continue reading

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Not worried. Or your PSA for today

At the risk of provoking the Universe, I’m going to say this out loud.  I am not the least bit worried about swine flu.  Lots of people get sick from the flu every year.  Some people die, most people recover. … Continue reading

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And more done

The Owl’s sweater is finally finished.  The armpit seams have been sewn.  Seaming is not my strong point.  I wasnt sure what to do, if I should split the yarn, use mattress stitch, back stitch, etc.  Roger at Abundant Yarn … Continue reading

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Done and Done

Mom’s birthday socks are finished. The pattern is Hedra from Knitty.  Once I got the hang of the pattern it was easy to memorize since there are only two active rows and every other row is knit plain.   Now they … Continue reading

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Strange news from the outside world

I spent most of the day lying on the sofa with a nasty tension headache.  I’ve really got nothing, but I do have this.  I found it when I was sitting at reception at work yesterday: Fir Tree Found In … Continue reading

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Our ancestors were pretty darn clever

There was a post yesterday over at Samurai Knitter about how grains and beans are the foundation of civilization.  It’s true.  Eaten together grains and beans form complete proteins without which we wouldnt be where we are today. How our ancestors grew their … Continue reading

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I heart the google

Yesterday I found what looked like tiny, light green egg sacks, on the underside of my broccoli leaves.  They looked something like this Cabbage Loopers are actually a night flying moth.  They’re called loopers because the caterpillars which are about … Continue reading

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