Who’s Next?

And now Vermont.  Yeah! 

Vermont’s decision is different from Iowa or Massachusetts in that the state legislature passed the law that has legalized gay marriage.  Two states in a week?!  I dont think I can take the excitement. 

This issue is close to my heart.  My closest friend is gay.  The hatred toward the gay population is something I’ve never understood.  Especially the hatred and demonization of gay men.  I’ve never understood why men who love men is something to be seen as a threat, something to be feared.  I just dont get it.  And I dont understand the whole “God hates fags” things either.  I think that God (if there is a God) has a whole Universe to oversee and could probably give a fuck less what grown, consenting, adults, who love each other, do with their private bits in their bedrooms. 

One more state in a week has chosen to see gay people as human beings who are entitled to all the same rights as anyone else.  Yeah! 

Texas next!

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