Plant Photos

I’ve tried to grow plants before, but with little success.  I’ve killed ivy and cactus.  Once, I did manage to keep an orchid alive for almost 3 years.  That was a plant achievement.  Like knitting, I never thought I would like it or given my past record, that I’d be any good at it.  Since growing tomatoes, morning glories, and cosmos last year, I’ve found gardening (albeit in pots) surprisingly to be, relaxing and rewarding.  There’s lots of stuff coming up here.  Tomatoes, basil, peppers (finally yeah!), broccoli, spinach, tarragon, chives . . . Hopefully, I wont kill anything off.  And while it may make me lame, yesterday when I saw that two of the peppers had popped their heads up, I got really excited.

The three on top are broccoli.  Then there are 2 Belgian peppers, the hot peppers havent shown their faces yet, a Tigerella tomato and an Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge tomato.  The last one is the one I’m most excited about.  Orange and purple tomatoes!  From the little bit of information I could find they start off with purple tops but the tomatoes get more purple as the summer goes along.  According to the 2009 Baker Creek seed catalog, this is one of the few true purple tomatoes.  I’m not sure what that means.  If one of you know could you please tell me?

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One Response to Plant Photos

  1. bells says:

    I can only think that the purple sorts of tomatoes are actually what varieties like the Black Russian end up being like. The black russian really isn’t black, it’s really more of a green/purple. Either way, heirloom varieties are marvellous!

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