Whipped cream, like frosting, covers many faults

Today, the Universe taught me two things.

1.  Home made, whole milk vanilla pudding is not forgiving.  If you’re making a banana cream pie put it over the banana and crust 20-30 minutes after it’s done.  Do not leave it in the fridge over night in the pot you cooked it in.  It will come out shaped like the pot and is not malleable even if it’s left to come to room temperature.  However, if you get lucky and your pot is nearly the same size as your 10 in pie pan, the pudding will come out in one piece and if you cover it with enough whipped cream you can hope no one will notice.

2.  Always read a post entirely before commenting.  If you’re not paying attention and your brain registers a few words and fills in the rest, you may very well come out sounding like an idiot.

Update: It’s always okay to laugh at things like this.  I do.  Dont be sorry.

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2 Responses to Whipped cream, like frosting, covers many faults

  1. bells says:

    Is it wrong of me to laugh?

  2. JulieT says:

    I’m laughing with Bells. Sorry. Hahahaha.

    I find with situations like your custard, it can look sophisticated to lump it all into a bowl and call it ‘trifle’. I swear that’s how Trifle got invented. It’s all good.

    Darn, now I’m craving custard, I’m on a diet, and we’re out of eggs.

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