One down, one to go

I finished one of my Mom’s birthday socks and have one to go.  Here are a couple of photos.  A warning though, you  might want to put on your sunglasses.  My legs are so white they’re reflective.


Yesterday was busy with gardening.  I planted seeds for beets, carrots, tarragon, parsley, slo-bolt cilantro, dill, and florence fennel (it’s a type of fennel that grows like dill but doesnt get the bulb.  I want instant gratification and bulb fennel can take a year or more to mature into something large enough to be edible.)  I could take pictures but there isnt much to see.  Just pots full of damp black earth.  I planted poppy seeds a couple of weeks ago but they didnt grow.  In their place I’ll plant some marigolds and chives.  The broccoli is doing fine.  I transplanted some chives yesterday and had to keep Claire from eating them this morning which made for much meowing.


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